In an expanding industry of fast food chains, Biscuitville needed to protect its market share and continue to drive growth as major competitors such as Burger King, Hardees and McDonald’s continued to expand their breakfast offerings. In addition, the chain noticed that its customer base – with an average age of 47 – was aging. While loyalty was strong, attracting a new and younger customer was an imperative.


Outdoor Board with die-cut chicken head extension



Market research pinpointed that Biscuitville’s focus on fresh food and friendly customer service were strong differentiators. A new, simple and direct positioning was developed to communicate the appeal – Biscuitville – Fresh Biscuits. Friendly Folks.

The positioning has been initially introduced through a variety of customer touch points inside the store with everything from a new restaurant redesign, to the bags, cups and tray liners that Biscuitville’s great food is served on.

After a study of Biscuitville store locations, it was rapidly apparent that the majority are located adjacent to exits of major interstate highways in the Southeast. After reviewing a number of media options, an outdoor advertising campaign was recommended due to its impact, high level of impressions, cost-efficiency and ability to direct customer’s right to their local store.


Trayliners that were also used as Newspaper Insert