BB&T is the oldest financial institution in the Carolinas and one of the largest in the country. After a period of rapid growth through mergers and acquisitions, BB&T reached a critical crossroads. BB&T’s brand was well-known in some markets and virtually unknown in others and its marketing had been intermittent and modest compared to its competition. BB&T needed to bring the family together and grow organically rather than through M&A. Our task was to help BB&T unify its brand presence across its entire footprint while providing regional market solutions that were flexible and cost-efficient.




Bring the BB&T brand back together with a unique combination of life-event centered communications which simultaneously built brand while spotlighting a comprehensive product set. We revitalized the brand positioning, freshened the work and standardized the look and feel across all channels. We analyzed individual markets, grouped the markets based on a set of criteria and established different media strategies for each group. Our approach gave each market a relevant, weighted plan that matched media spending with ROI opportunity, allowing the corporation to optimize its marketing dollars while strengthening the brand in all markets.



BB&T acquired more new accounts in the first six months of the campaign than in the entire 12 months prior to campaign launch.